Thursday, April 29, 2010

one month + one new baby later.

view from the porch, spring 2010

i'm back! as the sun sets on april, and month one of motherhood, i'm tentatively ready to start up some posting again.

if my spelling or coherence seems to be whack from here on out, its because i'm now functioning with a mom brain. so far, my experience tells me this means my attention is inherently divided at all times and i can't string together a story for the life of me. [my husband would say i've never been able to tell a good story, as i've always loved interrupting even myself.] so if in the middle of a future decor post i query aloud about when i last changed my little man's diaper, don't worry, this is the new normal for me. just skip over the doo doo + get back to the decor dishing.