Friday, February 18, 2011

too cool for stool

remember the asian influence we were treating our as....behinds to previously? more.  thank you craig for your lists + your random strangers + their open pocketbooks!  yep, we've sold that world market-made trio and instead invited a family of four to join us on the island.  

except we're feeling anything but LOST when it comes to our new stools.  we're loving their leggier nature and the industrial 'chem lab chic' look.

i spotted them on overstock a while back and when the christmas dust settled in our household, it was time to do the swaperoo.  it doesn't hurt that they're a close cousin [read: knockoff] of these mid-century studio stools, which go for $245 each.  two-forty-fiiiive.  loves me a good deal, after all.

i'm enjoying the fact that when you walk into our kitchen part of you wonders where the formaldehyde and bunsen burners are hiding since your inner bio chem nerd is raring to run out + play.

it does add yet another gray element to our household [indeed, i'm suffering from a bit of an obsesh] but all the prettier playground for the pops of colored accessories to well....pop....against.  

Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentine's!







happy v day everyone!  hope you enjoyed our little valentine's was late in the day so the lighting was less than perfect, but we made the best of it.  



i seem to have lost you.  you're off scrounging for candy hearts, aren't you!

Monday, February 7, 2011

walk the line

we finally made a couple more tweaks to the master bedroom.  and i say we intentionally, as i've recruited the hubs to help get the show on the road.

in fact it was he who gave a second skin to the spashy punch of artwork we've added to the room.  originally these canvases were the set i'd made for the living room....but they're now enjoying a new life as the cuppa key lime juice we're drinking in every morning as we wake up.  they're literally the same key lime colored spray paint, that the hubs combined with white paint [obv] for a new much crisper look. in person you can still see the multitude of tiny drips on the canvas tops....which are now the sides....that i liked so much on the original version that i did.

and i think i love them.  nay, i know i love them.

i give full credit to the hubs for the off-center placement and handiwork....which i then ran with.  like literally ran around as an excited puppy might do, grabbing decor to pair with the new wall hangings.

and i ended up with this arrangement.  very happy, am i.  

the chair is one of two i'd bought on overstock a while ago when i began to merge into bedroom scheme 2: glorified modified.  the silver pillow's also been around a few months, courtesy of tj maxx.  the branch is a piece of curly willow i was given by a friend [thank you j!] and the vase is a pottery barn outlet find for the price of $11, or in other words, a price so cheap i would have to be pre-registered at the loony bin if i were to pass it up.  

the table is a beat up ole gal i bought at a garage sale many moons ago, for $8.  i love the diamond detailing and even the old handle on it....and while the surface scratches have multiplied + intensified over the years and i talk + talk of painting it, for some reason i love the imperfection and the age of it too much to paint it perfect.  even though sometimes she begs me for a lovely new coat of dove gray to adorn her with.

last but not least, i'm loving the peek-a-boo ikea artichoke complementing the new arrangement from the bathroom next door. another little touch of mod + organic paired with the linear impact of the art.  

even H is enjoying hanging with the new group.

what do you think....did my original 'art' do it for ya or do you prefer round two, husband edition?  ie....WHO WINS?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

there goes my graydar

yup.  again.

i encountered two containers of these l'il grey pups today at meijer for a buck apiece [clearance, yo!] and was just intrigued enough to purchase.  i mean srrrriously, decor for less than a mcdrink from mcdonalds?  i'm lovin' it.

i know.  they're grey, and they're moss.  well....'moss', would be more accurate.  and when you combine grey + moss you get gross, in celebrity-couple speak, which is humorous, but not a desirable descriptor for decor.

so what are your thoughts?  because i'm well aware there is good moss, and bad moss.  as in, kate moss.  and kate moss.

they're kind of like fuzzy rocks i've decided. fuzzy ladies-underwear-colored rocks, according to the hubs. but as i am wont to do, i've become attached already and am quite enjoying them.  especially in our primarily yellow-grey-splashoforange living room scheme happening at the moment.

so i think they'll stay, which comes as no surprise to my hubbers, who has grown accustomed to a life of decor railroading.  llllllove you!

+ + +

oh....and bonus points to those who noticed that this is our coffee table insert, as seen here.  we're in the process of refinishing our table since it has been well-loved in the last five years.  don't those homeless moss look quite forlorn on the window seat?