Wednesday, June 30, 2010

one fine day

last week i had the most satisfying afternoon on the front porch. it was like for a few hours all the elements aligned into a glorious symphony comprised of a sweetly sleeping baby. a soft breeze stirring the air. a homemade caramel frappuccino. an intriguing book [the bright forever]. and a beautiful kiss of sunshine.

DAH bears.

and in a thrilling finale, when i did go inside at the end of it all, i got to watch usa win the world cup match against algeria. 'twas a happy day for all.

oh. and lest my head get too big, then, there was this.

dolla dolla bills y'all

as of late i have become a little bit obsessed with finding dollar store decor deals.


+ no one else usually has it, and i love having unique things

+ there's no pressure for it to be perfect or last forever

+ each item is $2 [ok, just making sure you're paying attention]

+ each item is $1 [for reals]

each of the things i've come upon recently is a kitchen item, or at least i am using the item that way so far.

exhibit a: a few contributors to my current red-green show in the kitchen.

stripey on the left....

citrus punch on the right....

....and vegetable soup, to warm things up with a little humor. [yes, you can stop squinting, the towel indeed says 'veg soup'. just to clarify what that hot bowl of mystery is.]

i love the outline drawings on this particular towel. so quirky-modern to my eye.

exhibit b: a cheapo yet vintagey looking powdered sugar shaker. ribbed for extra pleasure.

exhibit c: a set of twelve votive holders reincarnated as parfait cups

i fell for their modern lines + how they mimic stemless wine glasses [which i plan to try using them as at some point, too]

here they are on duty at a baby shower i co-hosted this weekend:

i plan to try them as vases next. i'm thinking 5 in a line on the mantle with perhaps a single leaf per vase.

so if you add it all up that's $17 [i have two of the lime green towels] but oh so much more satisfaction.

Monday, June 28, 2010

1 trimester, 2 trimester, 3 trimester, floor.

this week marks the last in baby h's fourth trimester, as they call it. the first three months of his life. gone. over. donezo, a la the hills. and to think, only a thousand odd photos to remember it by. [i wish i were kidding. if a picture is worth 1000 words then....]

the timing got me thinking. for one thing, i had started thinking a year ago that i'd begin a separate blog about home life once the baby arrived, to update friends + family and to have a record of these extremely challenging -er- joyful moments. i've also been asked to chat about things like fashion or events or other lifestylish sorts of things. and now that i sit here with 3 months of mom-dom under my belt it got me thinking. rather than try to support multiple writing outlets why not embrace more fully the one that i have, without overwhelming it with doodoo deets either? in other words, why not be authentic to who i am + broaden the posting scope to other topics as they come.

so the goal: daily tweets from our life over here in the trees.

with the emphasis as it always was on our newly built house + the adventures of decorating it. and if i fall short of the daily goal, i won't be hard on myself but will carry on. i think this will take the pressure off having long detailed posts + will actually make life easier. we shall see!

....thanks for tagging along!

Friday, June 25, 2010

nana nana poo poo

off to enjoy a beautiful summer weekend here in mi!

scheming up some more blog ideas though! can't wait to share....

Thursday, June 24, 2010

a modern love affair

in a cheeky nod to alexander girard's midcentury textile design, i purchased this heart throb at marshalls a while back. $7.99. ohhh yeahhhhh.

i love how the E is fork-like, as if trying to take a stab outta that there faux fruit. this is all the more noticeable with the plaque placed on its side, rather than hanging it up vertically. i think positioning it upright would have emphasized the heart shape, which i was less interested in than the quirky bold text.

normally, i'm not a red person. you may have noticed this by the absence of any, well, RED in my home to date. [spoiler alert: this is not a rocket science blog] however the moment i saw this thin wood plaque i instantly recognized it as a cheap knockoff of girard's work, which happens to sell on a pillow at urban outfitters for $40 [vs. the $8 i shelled out], and therefore knew this knockoff belonged with ME.

and now, i have to say i'm really enjoying the mix of red + lime green accents in our predominantly white + grey kitchen.

here's a view of what she looked like last fall, before i started injecting a l'il more color into her life.

something about the combination of red with citrusy lime green has just the right visual relationship....something my mom knows all about, since she patterned much of my parents' cottage around this idea. what cay i say....the apple doesn't fall so far from the tree after all! [oh come now. you knew an apple reference was coming after discussing red + green like that!]

tenyenhuis cottage....r.i.p.
may your new owners enjoy you immensely.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

hep, hep, hooray!

as you recall, our master bath.

a little sparkle, a little masculine, a little feminine....
well speaking of feminine, we've had a new girl move into our house. yes that's right, kevin and i are sharing our domain with a hot young thang that has a saucy demeanor and a penchant for fancy cigs.

that's her, hanging to the right of the tub. the story behind this little lady is that on our last big trip to the land of ike it suddenly landed on our cart without a word of explanation. meaning? the husband picked this print his very own self. so proud am i!

....and not only proud but absolutely loving miss audrey hepburn sharing this space with us. loving how we get a duplicate view of her in our mirrors, loving the combination of her with our mod lotus-like tub pendant, loving the dove gray color of the canvas with our soft gray walls. love, love, love.

i think what is most clever about my hub's pick is that the master bath really is a woman's retreat more than anything else....a space away from the chaos of the rest of the household. [i can especially appreciate this now through my new mom-colored glasses]

so what better place to have a cheeky girly print that adds glamour to every angle of the room.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

nursery works: part three, ii

well folks, here we are! its the end of the road as we know it! its the end of the road as we know it! and i feel fiiiiiine....

ok really just the end of nursery posting for the time being. i want to wrap up with showing the chair we chose, the cheap-as-i-could-make-it frame project, and a couple details that were added into the room after the babe arrived.

first up: the chair nook.

i wanted to have a good reading corner so we positioned the chair by the window, next to the locker unit [so my water glass, books, etc. could rest there], and with the vintage swag pendant hanging overhead to light things up when needed.

let me start off by saying that i did not relish the hunt for a nursery rocker. in the one corner you have expensive padded gliders, which are the design equivalent of an 80's sweater with shoulder pads, in my opin. blech. they cost a lot and there is nothing redeeming about them other than their comfort....which some would say IS their redeeming quality but i just cannot get over the looks [or lack thereof]. so unless i was going to have the nursery on blackout 24-7 this was not an option.

in another corner of the ring you have uuuber expensive amazing looking rockers, such as the nurseryworks sleepytime chair. BIG FAT SIGH. but did i have a grand to spend on one solitary chair? nope.

and in another corner you have the super fun + famous eames rocker. the consummate classic when it comes to furniture that rocks. HEY-OHHH!

however my concern was with the harder shell, and the lower profile of the back of the chair. i pictured exhausted nights of nursing where all i wanted was a place to lay my head, and this beaut of a chair does not offer this option. and in addition, my girlfriend had already purchased said chair for her nursery, and i wanted to have something different for my own room.

enter corner four. iiiii-kea! ikea! ikea! ikeee-e-e-aaaaa. [yes, that's the hallelujah chorus tune you're hearing]. as referenced in my nursery mood board i'd originally pounced on this pup when it came across my computer screen. [its the ikea lillberg rocker + i would link to it, however it looks to be discontinued] however when we checked it out in-store, we found it had very VERY minimal rocking ability since the curve on the rocker legs was so slight. and that was on concrete, let alone our comfy frieze carpeting. in its defense, it has a nice wide cushy seat so i did picture great possibilities in terms of sitting indian style, tyke on lap, however it just wasn't living up to expectations overall.

so after wandering the store a while we ended up in the famous poang chair section and lo. and. be. hold. there was a poang rocker! as far as i knew this was a new item and upon sitting in it i came to the conclusion that it would be the best middle ground on the scale of form + function. comfy enough to where i could sink into it, head support-check!, enough rocking capability to combat the higher pile of our frieze, and the swedish looks still nice + simple + sweet. hellooo bent wood.

well, bent wood that promptly broke upon install. so back to ikea we went [thank goodness its on the way to my parents' house, considering its three hours away from where we live], and retrieved a new frame.

as for the fabric color, i was a little stuck to start. there was not a crisp white option, and i didn't want to go too heavy or saturated with the color either [if there were an orange solid or print i would have changed my mind on that]. so i settled on the neutral but nice random graphic known as 'tuna light blue-gray', which is an icy color that i thought would compliment the light gray walls + white/orange color scheme well. how do i feel about having a tuna chair? well, pretty darn happy considering i snagged it for less than two hundo and c'mon now, it even ties in with the fish swimming around in the crib, if you really want to start reading into things.

and, fun for me, i even caught a post about it by apartment therapy's baby site, ohdeedoh. check it out! my chair's famous!! funny enough they even comment on the flop that was the lillberg rocker.

as for the chair's occupants. the obvious ones are me. the baby. but get a load of these two:

gotta love the pinnacle of handmade toys, the sock monkey. this one was a target special, although there were tons of cute orangey options on etsy as well including striped + argyle + monogrammed sweater-wearing versions. and his new pal, the flamboyantly bright ugly doll known as plunko. [as opposed to plinko, one of the best price is right games of all time. r.i.p. rod roddy]. one of my favorite things is those feet both turned to the side. and the wave. and the eyes....the never-blinking eyes. anywho.

rounding out the colorful clique are our friends birdie, spotted giraffe-cow [either he's having an identity crisis or i've lost touch with the animal kingdom], and the newest member: recycled sweater-cat.

i made fast friends with the be-sweatered feline while touring hopscotch children's boutique in grand rapids. there were many excellent options to choose from in their line of fun re-tooled sweater animals including an awesome bird with stick legs, but alas that combo of coral-y orange + navy was too much for me to handle and i had to take the kitty home.

since having our delightful baby boy we've also been blessed with a few decor gifts from friends + family. added to the locker unit are handmade blocks, that safe for baby h to chew on to his heart's content.

+ a school of fishies

+ a mod polka-dot burp cloth.

and on that note, i'm realizing that once again i've created a rather long [to put it nicely, right?] post that hardly needs one MORE topic added on yes, the frame project will have to wait for a final FINAL nursery reveal post. thanks y'all for your patience....hope you're enjoying hearing all the dirty details on this work of love!