Thursday, June 24, 2010

a modern love affair

in a cheeky nod to alexander girard's midcentury textile design, i purchased this heart throb at marshalls a while back. $7.99. ohhh yeahhhhh.

i love how the E is fork-like, as if trying to take a stab outta that there faux fruit. this is all the more noticeable with the plaque placed on its side, rather than hanging it up vertically. i think positioning it upright would have emphasized the heart shape, which i was less interested in than the quirky bold text.

normally, i'm not a red person. you may have noticed this by the absence of any, well, RED in my home to date. [spoiler alert: this is not a rocket science blog] however the moment i saw this thin wood plaque i instantly recognized it as a cheap knockoff of girard's work, which happens to sell on a pillow at urban outfitters for $40 [vs. the $8 i shelled out], and therefore knew this knockoff belonged with ME.

and now, i have to say i'm really enjoying the mix of red + lime green accents in our predominantly white + grey kitchen.

here's a view of what she looked like last fall, before i started injecting a l'il more color into her life.

something about the combination of red with citrusy lime green has just the right visual relationship....something my mom knows all about, since she patterned much of my parents' cottage around this idea. what cay i say....the apple doesn't fall so far from the tree after all! [oh come now. you knew an apple reference was coming after discussing red + green like that!]

tenyenhuis cottage....r.i.p.
may your new owners enjoy you immensely.

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