Thursday, November 18, 2010

des colores

oh i'm sorry, was it november now?

i was just enjoying a quiet crunchy sunday morning complete with cranberry orange biscotti and a mitt sized mug of tea when i realized that while i've been generously doting on strangers' blogs i've scarcely taken a peep at my own. 

here are some things of note around our household....via photos snapped in the last couple of weeks. 

color, as predicted, has moved in.

with all her crazy baggage and flare for the dramatic and i-just-don't-care-if-i-match-the-paint-OR-decor attitude.  she tends to leave her belongings everywhere and hogs all the attention when kids come to visit.

but in exchange for a little one like this?

i'd make that barter any day of the week.

oh and antlers.  have i not mentioned antlers? 

antlers are what i get for eating half my weight in cakes + getting latte drunk on my birthday.  a moment of giddiness resulting in a present to myself from 1955 complete with a hunting tag and $20 worth of explanation to my husband when i got home.  trust me though....i have plans.

and lastly, a wee bit of progress on the white box project.  ie: the decor project that never ends, our bedroom.  now if only i could un-stall myself and finish the darn thing!