Monday, May 9, 2011

color splash

so yesterday when i was playing with the little man, this happened.

roy g. biv, meet H.

H, meet RGB.

we had fun sorting colors, or mashing them together.

and, this just in: i am starting to love color.  not just a little but a LOT OF COLOR.

i always use to think the kiddie toys would drive me crazy. give me the constant urge to throw them all in a closet + slam the door shut.  walk around with blinders on.

but i'm actually kind of loving it.  in fact, its inspiring.  life with color is ever so full + happy feeling.  it makes me want to paint the town red paint the whole house white so that all the bright toys can truly pop.  am i crazy?  probably.  maybe.  but i'm also just proud to be a MOM.  [happy belated mother's day, everyone!]

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

when in doubt, go in the closet.

not to sulk.  not to hide.  not to play hide + sulk.  

you could play hide + seek though, if you're into that.

what i mean is, when you're stuck for a decor scheme or theme or anything in between, take a minute to go into your closet and see what it speaks to you.  i kind of did this in reverse when it came to my master bedroom.  as i was looking around the mostly-completed room [* no room is ever really complete to me!] i realized that my shoe collection was represented surprisingly well in the decor.  

here's an example.  

all of these shoes [which aren't ALL of my shoes, as the hubs would be quick to point out....hey i buy them cheap, folks!] were purchased anywhere from a year to six years ago so it shows that your taste kind of curates itself.  as you change + your tastes change + you shop + you make your goodwill deposits.  or goodwill collections, as the case may be!

see how various elements are all picked up here?  the strong + traditional deep brown wood tones of the bed + garage sale table.  the circular motif of the shelves + the side tables.  the glitz + glitter of the silver lamps, tory candle, garden stool + chrome legs of the chairs, and the gold + purple pops of color scattered throughout the space.


kind of neat, right?  

its always fun to appreciate the details of how your clothing + accessories compliment your home, since they reside there too.  especially when you're looking at these feline footies....meeeeOWWww.

now you might look into your closet + say, all i see is a deep dark blackity-black hole.  and not because you're blessed with an amazingly ginormous closet, but because all you buy is black or neutrals.  fear not!  it probably speaks to either your love of accessories, that pop off of black + neutrals so well, or, your love of a beachy chic vibe or pared-down fresh country aesthetic.  and either of these realizations is a-ok too.  in that case layering is the key so that you still get a really rich looking lots of texture + patterns [subtle ones even, in different sizes] like sheepskin, various wood furniture pieces, canvas or grasscloth materials, and matte + laquered pieces.

like so.

see all the cozy creamy whites layered here?  the painted brick, the slipcovered furniture, the throws, the lamps + lampshades, the cushy rug....

or like so.

see all the moody blues + contrasting textures here?  the wood slatted boards, the thick knits, the gobs of throw pillows, the canvas-ish chair at stage right....ya i'm picturing the owner of this home wearing blue jeans + comfy sweaters fairly frequently.

so hey.  do i read too much into things sometimes?  [like are you thinking, SHOES LIZ?  THEY'RE JUST SHOES!]  yeah, sure.  probably.  ok definitely!  but if it helps to get you thinking about your own design sensibilities a bit....and inspires you at all with your own home....then i'm glad i could help.

because i'll still be over here reading into things too much, so at least now i can tell myself its productive behavior.