Tuesday, April 19, 2011

the master!

i feel like our master bedroom now glitters + winks at me each time i peek down the hallway at it.  see it there through the doorway, saying hello?  enticing you onward?  beckoning you with its come hither throw pillows?

bla bla bla; ready for pictures?  i thought so.

here we go!

you likes so far?

so the colors in here ended up being a story of neutrals....white + a bit of black, grey + a bit of gold, silver + a bit of brown.  with a dash of mustard + eggplant.  you know, to keep things yummy.

you might recognize some pieces that migrated their way in here....but there are also a few new friends that joined the MBR crew.

we moved the lack coffee table from the sunroom to the end of our bed....and the white eames repro chairs have taken up residence in the corner.  along with the silver garden stool from our bathroom.

but the circle du soleil happening above that arrangement is all new.  as in, handmade by +the new house+ crew: the hubs and myself.

here are a few more angles of my new favorite item in the house.

so how'd we do it?  its actually an idea out of a recent countryhome issue, from the authors of home from the hardware store.  i guess it never hurts to step out of your usual comfort zone....seeing as i'd normally never be perusing a country style magazine.  but it worked out for me this time!  basically it involved cutting down concrete form tubes....the hubs handled that part....and wrapping them in woodgrain contact paper.  and making up an organic arrangement.  and screwing them together, and hanging it up as our new wall art slash functioning shelf!

i. am. in. LOVE.

the fact that we made the piece with our own four hands + it was cheap + looks so totally unique + modern....well....enough said.

now while we heavily debated craigslisting our bed [love those new verbs nowadays, ehhhh kids?] + getting something more sleek, in the end, i'm really happy with the warmth + height + structure that it gives to the room.

see those fun diamond or hex-like shadows on the ceiling?  i actually never notice them myself in person but i'm loving them in the photo here.

i'm not sure the effect translates here in pictures, but the room just seems to glow with warmth + calm.

did you think warmth could happen with gray?  i'm telling you, it can!  this particular coverlet came from meijer of all places....our twenty-four hour grocery store, for you out-of-towners....and the basketweave sort of stitching and dove gray shade both look soft + inviting....vs. cold + stark like you might expect with gray in the boudoir.

the lamps, which i've mentioned before, have an almost molten appearance.  like liquid light.

and the curtains which we plucked from ikea seem to mirror the dimply waves of the lamp bases.  [i'm talking about the pattern, people!  i KNOW the wrinkles are there, i'm just pretending i don't need to iron them]

even the lampshades want to get in on the swirly fun.

the bedside candle is a voluspa i picked up from a local boutique store at the mall for a great price.  i love their art deco-esque candle tins and i lurrrrrrve this particular scent: blanc suede.  its like there's a faintly cologne scented tuxedo jacket draped nearby, fresh from a glorious evening black-tie affair.  or so my brain tells me, as i drift off to sleep.

lets see, what other details haven't we covered?

well the other art in the room was switched out with our hall canvases, since the grey worked much better than uber bright citron yellow. 

the throw on the lack bench [a tj maxxionista find] adds a little more luxe, and its working as an in-between while i hunt down the perfect bench cushion fabric.

the mustardy gold scarf on the chair adds more warmth + color + ease.

and on the refurbished dresser, an eclectic mix of gold, silver and the aforementioned purpley eggplant.

were you astute enough to notice the jaggedy ann candle going on in the photo above?  yes my tb candle had an encounter with a one year old, and you can see who won.  and you can guess who cried.  ok it was more of a screamy yelp....a strangled screlp sound....but thankfully no one was injured and it still sortof works as a decorative item. 

so thats how things are looking at the moment, with a few things yet on my checklist.  such as the bench cushion, and a touch more artwork.  i dig that this necklace sort of describes the whole space: clearly contemporary with a mixture of metals, light and dark, hard and soft, and ok i'll stop now.


  1. Your master is quite beautiful.
    There are some exceptional elements in your home as well.
    All of the colors are so crisp and clean.

    Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  2. thanks, mr. GH! oh & great job on the nate berkus show the other day!

  3. Love the eggplant container on the dresser!!

  4. ha! yes dawn thats the one i was hunting down that day at marshalls! :)