Sunday, April 24, 2011

she said, he said.

there is one part of the master that got left out.  in print + in reality.  and its this lovely little light fixture.

isn't it just the most amazingly hexa-penta-octa-whatever you call it?!  um, I KNOW.

well there was someone who didn't quite agree, and since he shares our home, and well built our home, i have to give him a little credit + take his opinion into consideration too.

let me explain why i loved it for our bedroom.  it was a marshalls special, first of all, and you know i loves me some marshalls.  ok lots of marshalls.  ok marshalls as often as i can justify stepping foot in the store.  its from the ralph lauren home collection and the suggested retail was something ridiculous like $450.  ya.  uh huh.  and we got it for $150, thanks to the eagle-eye spotting of my very good friend.  so needless to say it was a great deal in terms of high quality, high style lighting pieces.  but mostly, i just loved the look of it!  the modern geometric shape with the classically glamorous pale gold color....the sleek connector pieces....the exposed bulb position in the center....

i thought it would be such a fun sculptural item to hang either centered over back of the bed....

....or off centered over by the shelf + chairs in the corner.  see that space there dialing 1-800-HOT-PENDANT?  yep, to my eye, that corner was calling ralph's name loud + clear.

it even played so well off the side table bases.  see?

and don't forget the fun diamond like shadow that is cast over the bed [see above picture].  that would have been a fun tie-in as well.

but i have to give the hubs props, because we do pride ourselves on doing decor as affordably + diy as we can, and saving every dollar that can be saved.  so to allocate $150 on one light [plus the cost of an electrician hard-wiring it] when the room is already looking quite swell....its true, we really can live without it. 


ok no really we can.  i just might sniffle from time to time thinking of all those sexy angles + that sultry sheen.   but who knows, maybe the hubs saved my life.  it was an extremely heavy pendant + who wants that crashing down on their noggin as they dream the night away?  not i!

+ + + 

ps. emily, are you listening?  this fixture would look amazing in one of your spaces.  better make a trip to michigan asap.  just sayin'.  oh + thanks for sharing your talents with us each week on secrets from a stylist!

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