Friday, April 15, 2011

hoedown lowdown: take trois

that's three, people.  come on!!  [arrested development, anyone?  anyone?!]

let's see....i'll cover the frou frou first.

i was inspired by a blog post i read about a coffee filter foof.  and while ms. jones of jones design company used frilly feminine white for her foof, i decided i needed something a little more manly + natural-toned for mine.

so brown filters i bought + a western foof was won.  well, made.  by me.  and yes it took hours.  i'd like to say it was quick! and easy! and fun! but i intended to make three and only finished one if that tells you anything.  in short, it involves hot glue gunning folded filters to a round styrofoam ball.

i love the mod round look of it for party decor + i thought the sandy tan color added a nice dirt-like color to the decor.  no seriously.  because there's something inherently western about dirt, isn't there?

but it really did take quite a long time + patience so in the end, i opted for a dose of free decor mixed with it.  ie: christmas ornaments.  ie: gold twine-y balls that in my mind, look like tumbleweeds + play well with the color of the foof.

i thought it made for some fun impact when you walk in the front door.  and the little man took to waving at the balls every time we passed by them so you know that warmed my wee heart.

while we're hanging around the front door....for a warm welcome to our guests i made a quickie sign out of a straw wreath i bought for under $2 from hobby lobby, added some ribbon [scored on sale] and a sign using cork left from our DIY corkboard project, seen here, and more of the leftover paper.  done + done!

i love the simple modern look and the mix of indian ['painted' paper] + cowboy [straw wreath, red ribbon].  and the cork worked really well with the other natural colors i had going, and also served to weigh down the sign a bit.

oh + speaking of free stuff.  for more decor fun, i stacked some of H's wooden stacking toys + ceramic ball [a gift] and made a little arrangement with mr. rhino....

....who i couldn't resist harpooning with a diffuser-arrow, like i'd been doing some hunting around the house bow + arrow style.  which i did, but that's beside the point.  hey-o! o! o! o! o!

can you see the single teardrop mr. rhino is shedding?  the poor guy.  never saw it coming.

oh + those billy ball ish things in the vase up there?  some easter decor i spotted while passing through the floral section at meijer.  they were an icky shade of pale blue until i re-painted them with some of the arrow paint to make them a beauteously bold sky blue.  kinda fun, considering i thought real flowers were definitely not an option for a boy party.

speaking of non-floral 'floral' arrangements [you follow me?], i still need to tend to the food portion of posting + wrap up this party talk!  yep, thats a hint about some of the food details.  but you're probably sick of scrolling for today, so i'll give you a breather before we feast on those facts.  until then!

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  1. That is a really great light fixture.
    I like the ribbon as an added touch.

    Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting