Friday, December 3, 2010

goodbye green

so for a short intermission between fall + the christmas season that's already arrived but i'm ignoring until we have a tree up, i'm enjoying a little dash of blue + orange in the kitchen.  basically the other day i went on a spree through the house removing all things green because i was just a la those hills we all know + miss like cray cray.  and yes i know, i'll have to succumb to green again shortly as our christmas tree will be, naturally, green.  but hey.  i thrive on variety! especially in my wardrobe + house decor!  no worries, hubs, not in my men.  [xoxo!]

once i pared things down to orange + blue in the kitchen, which was quick + easy, i moved to the back entryway and rearranged some things there on the fly, and for free, to suit my new distaste for that earthy color of yore.  i nabbed some random cards that i thought looked sweet + eclectic together, and that remind me of special people in our lives, and set those on the locker shelves.  i jumped the junk drawer like white on rice for some freebie pens + additional ephemera of the orange/aqua/blue/pink variety.  and i switched out our rug for a cheapie pier one number in tiffany blue, that i'd been storing away for a while.

then i hit the living room.  green throw pillows, be gone!  vases, best ye hide!  we are doing it simple and we are doing it yellow.  yellow + grey + black + white.  totally trendy but totally my favorite color palette of the moment.

tinsel time!  my only christmas-y decorations that have come out to play so far. 
  and for the new simplified color scheme, i opted for a b + w image of six-months-prego-moi shot by the hubs on vacation last january.

a photo i snapped on the same dominican republic vacation last winter, of a peeling but oh so colorful little shack.

another free kohl's pillow!  mmmmm pleatinggggggg.  nice work, wang!

so those are our tweener color schemes for the main living area, which tie in well to the sunroom, and i'm sure i'll be giving a christmas shakedown soon too.  shakedown as in lots of deets + pics of my 2010 decorations, not shakedown as in holding our tree over your head and dousing you with torrents of needles.  BECAUSE OUR TREE WILL BE REAL.  THAT YOU CAN COUNT ON.  sticky sap, pricked fingertips, and weeks of guilt over forgetting to water that 10" triangular thing in the corner.  yup.  the whole bit!


  1. Hey there. I just ran into your blog while searching for the Torsby Ikea dining table. I was wondering how yours is holding up?

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  2. Hello! We love our Torsby table. That said, we don't use it for every meal as its in our formal dining room, so it doesn't get a ton of wear + tear in our house. But its been holding up great so far!