Wednesday, December 29, 2010

get in line

so the lightbulb went off a little late this year [lightbulllb!], but next year i have a fun idea for our kitchen chandelier.  i mean, its already dressed to the nines 24-7 with [coughfauxcough] crystals aplenty dripping from its entire length.  but you know me! i love to switch it up if i can. fact, see here how i originally had the crystals displayed.  oh + bring your magnifying glass.  [eeps.  sorry folks, that was the old template.]

i'm picturing either clusters of glossy ornaments strung all the way along the main bar [with the crystals still in place], or, using an approach like the foyer chandy this year + hanging a very minimalist row of orbs in a straight line parallel to the chrome bar.  with the crystals removed, so that the lights bounce off the sparkly ornaments alone.  oh and trust me, i'd find a place to use those crystals too....somewhere else where they'd have a completely different spin.

i have a couple other tardy-to-the-party ideas for next year as well, but i'll just have to wait on that for approximately 11 months.  this year was just a little too whirlwind [we already took down our tree....SHHHH....i know].

+ + +

oh and here's a little aside, while i'm looking at the picture above.  thoughts on our white grates-on-black-wall look we have been rocking out for over a year now since we moved in?  yeah i mean that glowing white rectangle that's been staring you in the eye while you try desperately to ignore it and move on to prettier pastures.

every so often we [interpretation: i] debate painting it black + changing out the outlet covers on that wall to black as well, but we always come back to the conclusion of leaving them all white.  personally, i think it gives a more urban air to our singular inky wall.  and, leaving them white = no work or expense.  but i always notice in other homes where grates have been painted to disappear into the wall color [hmm.  so perhaps that defeats the purpose?  well i do have an especially nosy eye, i'll admit.]  anyway.  if you have an opinion, feel free to share!

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