Monday, July 27, 2009

battle of versailles

about a year + a half ago, i came across this light fixture called the versailles chandelier on i was actually helping my girlfriend look for light fixtures for her own house project, and while shopping the site the versailles just jumped off at the screen at me! i could not shake it out of my head and i swore it'd be hanging in my next house, someday.

lo + behold, we did end up building again just a year later and here it is....

AHHHH! i still love it just as much every time i look at it. i think it just screams modern glam attitude and yes indeedy, this became the muse for the canvas of our house.

one of the things i love is that visually it is light as air. we have an open floor plan from the kitchen through to the living room, and really throughout the whole first floor. so i loved the idea that while this chandelier is completely eye-catching with its crystals at the same time it simply floats on wires and barely takes up any room. [in fact, the wires are nearly invisible in the pictures below!]

and yes, whenever you move into a new home, whether its newly built or new-to-you, one of the most fun things has to be running around the house like a kid flicking every light switch a bazillion times....and don't get me started on testing out the dimmers! yep, this lady likes to steal the show after dark.

oh! and i almost forgot. it just happens to be a much more affordable version of this chandy.

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  1. Oh man I've been drooling over a chandelier like this for months. I LOVE it. And it's a perfect spot for it!