Wednesday, July 22, 2009

ding dong

we're hoooome!

....and loving it!

come take a closer look, starting with our carefully swooped front walk way [primed for a little outdoor set like so down the road....although this is a little closer to our price range. i do love how both sets mimic the scissor styling of the famous and fabulous Barcelona chair]

here you are on our front porch, looking out over the gorge, as we affectionately call it:

and what's that? you say you'd like to see the inside already?

before you do, i have to mention that we carefully chose this door for its vertical lines and cohesive look with the vertical board + batten covering a good part of the front facade of our house. i also liked how both the door and window insert were divided into thirds which is always visually you feel happy looking at it? i do!!

i am also really liking the look of a single door on this house, even though some might think its on the small side for the scale of the house. for our last home, we chose a door that came complete with a transom (upper horizontal) window, as well as sidelights on either side.
for whatever reason, i find this single door feels much more cozy + inviting, especially the way its framed by the two craftsman pillars as well as the crisp white band of trim that lines each section of the front of the house.

oh! and i can't forget this puppy!

there are actually three of these friends framing the garage and they just happen to play perfectly into my point about using thirds [or groups of three] as a design element. they also illustrate another form of vertical line happening here at the front of the house.

so what do you think? sick of the teasers + ready to see inside already?!


  1. that house is so hot right now

  2. Aaah! I'm so excited...and I've only seen the front door :P (which I love, btw)

    I also LOVE the chairs!!! Please do get some :)

    -christina p