Monday, July 20, 2009

the new house is here.

yes. that little birdie you heard it from was telling the truth. the new house is complete! (eeeeeek!)

TI-journal a bird on the wire

the sun has set on our 6 month building project (in all reality, it was more like a 9 month labor of love with the end result feeling quite like we truly had just given birth! TMI?) and i couldn't be more thrilled to share our new home with you. . . and to start living in it, of course.

check back here for stories from along the way, pictures, design ramblings, and just general rants about things i love and those who inspire me.

oh. and my maiden name really does mean 'the new house'. i guess i was born to love building houses?!

[e] liz

looking from our lot toward crooked lake, from the first days of building [winter 2009]

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