Monday, July 27, 2009

boy, you sure clean up nice.

believe it or not, i initially had a polar opposite scheme in my noggin for the laundry room. i was picturing the walls in palm green [an eddie bauer paint], with fun lime-ish green faux bamboo countertops [they looked sweet in person, i swear].

welllll, i kinda strayed from that plan a bit. here is the inspiration picture that captured my eye: swoon!

and i had NO idea when i came across this photo of dreams that it was from a fellow canadian and a little show called 'sarah's house'. [in fact, i just found that out moments ago while working on this!] all i knew was this space made me want to start laundering that SECOND and not leave the room until kevin pulled me out kicking + screaming.

so i set about recreating the feel of this room through a variety of whites, silvers, greys....lots of shimmer and lots of shine to shout happy thoughts at me every time i need to throw in a load.

we used the same harbor gray paint color that we used in the foyer, and i think the color turned out just right against the anthracite flooring [i heart ikea] and the punched aluminum countertops.

the glossy finish on this flooring makes me drool.

its hard to see, but we laid the planks in thirds instead of a brick pattern which you might expect [same for our bathroom upstairs, except in tile]. even the electricians were ogling these boards!

our countertop we came upon by chance during one of our countless trips to the big box stores for miscellaneous supplies. kevin first found a chip called 'brushed aluminum', and the rest was history. one measly 'punched' chip was hanging next to it [and we found out later that this particular store couldn't even sell us this specialty item!] i l-o-v-e-d the subtle similarity between the pyramids of this formica and the quilted metal backsplash used by sara richardson [above].

these aluminum varieties are not intended to be used as countertops, which made it all the more tempting to me crazy. i like the idea of using things in unexpected ways and despite this baby's backsplash status, i figured i'd never be running anything across it heavier than towels or jeans so why not?? [i think the installer, however, didn't quite share my passion. apparently in 10+ years he hadn't had this tricky of a time with a c-top - sorry!]

slowly but surely i'll start to fill in the cracks with decor....but i'm enjoying these little details in here for now.

the galvanized aluminum boxes i found during a trip to ikea this spring. they worked perfectly with my plan to build in some exposed storage for a fun + functional look amidst the rest of the cabinetry. so far they're holding cloths and rags. i figure i'll put anything in there that i might want to tote around the house as i work, like cleaning supplies.

this last 'vase' by the sink leads a double-life as my small mixing bowl.


  1. Wow, Liz! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the laundry room! I never would have even thought to make a LAUNDRY room so stylish! What is the floor made of? So fun! I know you had such a riot picking all of this stuff out, and now you get to show off all your hard work!

  2. Liz I can't wait to follow your blog for fun and fabulous ideas! Your laundry room is gorgeous! Looks like you'll have plenty of fun doing laundry in there!