Thursday, July 23, 2009


i like shiny things. i'm practically a magpie the way i'm drawn to anything + everything that sparkles. in fact, i called the inspiration for this house 'modern glam' based on one fixture in particular that you'll see soon.

back to the foyer.

kevin and i happened to hit a restoration hardware outlet back in the fall before we had even broken ground on the house. at first sight it was mainly a ton of boxes scattered over rows of tables with miscellaneous other curtains, bath accessories & holiday decor thrown in the mix too. we spent some time digging around [enough time for a blizzard to ensue outside and delay our trip home by 2 hours] and voila! there she was, sitting discreetly on a shelf off to the side. this huge brown-mesh drum fixture with it, mind you, but we were in love from the beginning with its large scale and glossy interior. the shade was actually slightly damaged as well, but this worked out into not two but three tiers of discounts off the outlet price [and it turned out a little tube of glue fixed 'er right up]. thankfully the inner chandelier was all boxed up & good to go in another area of the store. score!!

turns out this pendant worked perfectly into our scheme of clean, modern lines (the drum) + sparkly glamour (the lights shining off the shade!):

we still need to get the rest of the bulbs in - she's not quite at full power yet....
but we're absolutely loving the shadow effect that the inner chandelier has on the foyer walls.

lights can truly make a whole room....whether its the sculptural shape of the fixture, the way its draped or hung from the ceiling, or the play of light created when its on. or all of the above!
the best part is you do NOT have to spend your life savings on getting the exact light that you fall in love with - there is almost always a cheaper alternative that will achieve the look or feel that you're after. [case in point, our RH fixture retailed for about $800-850. shortly after we snagged it for a song at the outlet, we also saw a very close cousin listed for a reasonable price on]

*sorry, but i just can't bring myself to say 'foyerrr' the american way. must be all those french classes growing up in canada!

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