Tuesday, July 28, 2009

a view of the loo

i probably spent a disproportionate amount of time thinking about this humble room in our house. its the only bathroom on the main floor and i wanted it to pack just as much of a punch as any other space since we'd be using it all the time, as would guests to our casa.

as you may have guessed from other posts, i have a small obsession with lighting fixtures and this was another one that i couldn't tear out of my brain as soon as it entered. i first saw it during the fall 2008 parade of homes in grand rapids, in a gorgeous transitional-contemporary home by insignia builders.

i loved the thought of combining the huge scale of this drum with the small, tall bathroom, and doing double-duty with the striking shade by reflecting it in the mirror. it gives me chills just looking at it!!

unbeknownst to me when we ordered it, a local spot in kalamazoo called the wine loft actually hung this fixture all throughout their bar area and i love that idea too! the ambiance created is mahh-velous.

i'd also really hoped [and possibly begged] to have at least one plumbing fixture in the house be a wallmount since the look is just so sleek + modern. i love the look of this one by danze, floating between the frameless mirror and the square sink.

as for the vanity, our trimmer did an excellent job creating the look of a piece i'd seen in a brochure by ├╝ber-modern bathroom company porcher. one thing i love is that the 45 degree angled lines cut into the piece complement the criss crossing lines of the pendant above.
[and the zebra print towels i snagged from a pottery barn/west elm outlet just take those lines a step further, into the playful zone]

last but not least, i'm loving the added sheen in the room coming from this little friend.

its a tory burch candle that i admittedly ordered purely for the look of it....and thankfully, we're enjoying the masculine scent of it as well! my knees get weak when i look at tory's lovely logo and the box with its pale gold just WORKS with all the muted colors + shiny objects in the room.

the powder room paint color is a shade by benjamin moore called gray horse, and i'm just so pleased with this particular gray's slight undertone of warm aqua-y green. it is slightly reminiscent of restoration hardware's silver sage, but with the lightly golden shade of the drum it shows as a little warmer.

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  1. No way! I also fell in love with the same parade home. It was so amazing wasn't it?! The pictures don't do it justice. There was just something about that space.

    Love the drum shade. Very cool!