Monday, December 27, 2010

while i'm at it

i know, i know. i have a son. but i JUST CAN'T HELP MYSELF.

after doing a baby-done-growed-up boy's room post i feel compelled to follow it with a big girl bedroom moodboard [ish]. 

because i'm a girl's girl, and while i love my son, I CAN DREAM. TRY AND STOP ME.

here's what i'd do if i had a daughter's room to transition in the near future:

+ a splash of scandi style.  red, pink, light blue and white, white, white.

+ fresh, whimsical, but not overly feminine.  a bit of edge.

+ large scale fairly neutral pieces that could easily move into other areas of the house later on. because we can try and lie to ourselves that baby girls won't fall in love with dora and minnie mouse and three thousand shades of pink, purple, and that pinnacle palette-topper purpley-pink....but let's not.  let's just accept it as fact and move on.

via etsy

ok i better stop now.  i am loving this scheme wayyyy too much and i still have a son to think about!  maybe the hubs will let me decorate the spare bedroom as a big girl room....for myself. 

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