Wednesday, December 15, 2010

its tree time!

so we were definitely on the late side of things with our christmas tree this year.  as in, we waited until we had scarcely two weeks between us + christmas before scrambling out the door, bundled infant in tow, to do the only kind of outdoor hunting i'll ever do:  tree hunting!

we found the cutest little family-run farm out in the boondocks of rolling hilly farmland and cud-chewing cows and off we were. juuuust the three of us, we can make it if we try....juuuust the three of us, the hubs, babe + iiiiiii....

we managed to find a pint-sized tree for H, purely for photo op purposes....

and here's the whole fam jam in the midst of a group we like this tree?  why yes, i think we do!  

one of our troupe was casting a suspicious eye on the whole affair....

but even he eventually came back around.


so with a few swift slashes of the saw, we laid that baby to rest + enjoyed a complimentary (read: extremely bumpy but incredibly memorable) hay ride back up the hill....partaking in some hot cocoa + christmas cookies while our tree was wrapped up.  

christmas traditions with a mini man....does it get any better?!

next up: decorations, 2010 edition!

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