Tuesday, December 14, 2010

master of the house

ok, so i give in.  i'm finally going to share some shots of our very unfinished master bedroom.  so you can see that just like you, i hit road blocks here + there with decor choices.  yes, even year-and-a-half long road blocks.

first of all, let's take a peek at two visions i had for the room.

idea a....my initial thought for the space.  hollywood regency....glamour....a scoshe [scosh?  scoach?  i love scotch.  scotchy scotch scotch.] kelly wearstler....lots of black + white + a bit of gold.

to the tune of this metro home bedroom....

[yeah and btdubs, that wall, its totally handpainted. amazing huh?!]

or this:

 via curbly

idea b....a softer look.  loads of whites....airy....fresh....eclectic.  perhaps some pink, some red, some pale gold, some gray.

and here's our room in its current condition:

our room has always been white, back from when i picked all the paint colors during the building process....i just knew from the start that i wanted a light + breezy cloudy cream puff of a boudoir.  to be honest, i would have done many more white walls in our house for a truly contemporary feel but i scared myself out of it from a practicality standpoint.  i figured our bedroom was the safest place to go wintery white since only the hubs + i would be in there [vs. the rest of the house being a kid zone eventually].

now you may recall the dresser reference from months past.  well that little diddy turned out quite well, if i do say so myself.  a dozen odd coats of spray paint is all it took.  [um, yes, that was sarcasm....spraypainting a single vase = fun.  spraypainting a six foot long dresser = not fun].  we picked up those fun futuristic knobs from menards, home of good deals and boy-part jokes aplenty.

all in all we've got some lovely components going on, i'd say.  but its pretty much been a frozen winterscape for a while now of dresser....bed....side tables....and yeah.  that's it.

anyone wanna unleash their inner sarah richardson + give me some feedback?  black + white hollywood glam, or ultra light ultra mod?  speak up, y'all!

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  1. LIZ! I miss seeing you around here at Calvin, but I do enjoy catching up on your home projects via your blog. :) I'm going to cast a vote for ultra light ultra mod. I just love soft pink and gold with the touch of gray - seems like a bedroom should be dreamy!