Saturday, December 25, 2010

the halls are decked. 2010 edition.


if you've been to our place around christmas time you'd know we like to do a twist every year on what we've done before.  nothing too crazy....i mean we have yet to do a carmen-miranda-as-chiquita-banana-lady theme [let alone a katie perry as carmen miranda as chiquita banana lady theme] or anything like that....but we just like to rearrange things a bit each year without dropping more coin.  here's a shot of last year in case you were curious.

with all that preface i give version 12.10.

it was the hub's idea to set up the tree in the dining room this year.  last year, we enjoyed a sparkle bedecked window scape in the sunroom.  me likee the sparklee.

well this time around i have to give the hubs credit for creating some lovely ambiance as we arrive home at night in the dark....we get to see this number all lit up [in the non-wasted sense of the phrase] and charming.

as you can see we had to rearrange the furniture a tad to get our festive tree all cozied up to the window.   there's a touch of awkwardness to the layout [hello there, pendant hanging in front of the tree lighting up nothing in particular.  how are you?], but we think its pretty fun for the holiday season.

the little man certainly loves it.

we pushed the table up tight against the wall + removed three of the chairs so things would be a little less cluttery in that corner.  and i rummaged through the basement to find these beauteous mitsumata branches [crate + barrel a few years back] which i sprinkled with silver stars.  oh and the pine cones, you say?  i actually started spray painting them silver, got distracted by other things, went looking for them in the basement a few days later and decided i kinda liked the depth they have with the dark brown peeping out from their metallic silver coats.

here's a look at the chairs we pulled from the living room.  i grabbed a couple throw pillows from a closet + stole the silver stool from our bathroom. and it was good.

the console table [which usually sits beneath the dining room canvas] also needed to get a move on.  

off it went to the angled wall by the staircase, and i created a little neutral christmas decor look with some family photos in frames + mr. rhino.  

mr. rhino who was begging to get in on the fun.  who were we to deny him?

to polish off what we quickly monikered 'the christmas room', i added a dose of sparkle to the nearby foyer chandelier.  more re-mixing, as i merely took some silver sequined ornaments from the tree + strung them up with floss [yes, like there's a piece of spinach sunbathing on your front tooth, floss].  pretty AND minty fresh.

i hardly think i need mention how pretty it is at night with the lights sparkling off these silver snowdrops-raindrops-whatever you imagine these to be.

and in the kitchen + living room, its mainly just some silver sparkle + an added dash of color representing this fair season. we've had a lovely christmas enjoying all the sparkle + shine and more than anything else are so thankful for the greatest gift of all....JESUS CHRIST!

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  1. Beauteous, Liz! Or is that Beautious? Anyway, it all looks great! Merry Christmas, Honey.