Tuesday, August 31, 2010

lack luster

i got sucked into that deep dark swedish wormhole again.  oh, you of the multi-floored furniture displays.  you of the friendly flags + the meatballs + the dandelions from outer space.  you....you!

this time i left not lacking a coffee table for the sunroom.  ahh, the sunroom.  its been a slow progression since move-in day last july [that's july 2009, people] but we're finally getting there.  the hubs spotted this member of the lack crew and upon further inspection we decided it could make a pretty dandy addition to the house.

+ its cheap [and therefore we won't cry if the kiddo goes to town on it someday, a la this]

+ it has low, clean lines

+ it has a useful shelf for storing books or some slim baskets with small toys

+ it could easily migrate and become a bench with a cushion or some other functional piece in the house

so without further ado....here shines the sunroom with her new furniture arrangement. the only problem: i'm starting to really like her now + its going to be hard to acquiese ownership of her to the baby once he turns into a living terror and we need to cage him in there on a semi-permanent basis to keep him from destroying the rest of our home.  because that is what babies do, isn't it??

i would still like to replace the stock white square legs with chrome or nickel peg legs.  for a little extra panache. 

but it can wait while i work on enjoying the last of summer in our fishbowl room.

so as i said, progress.  some things old, some things new, some things borrowed [that branch! from nature!  HELLO!], some things....with a view.

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