Wednesday, February 24, 2010

1, 2, 3, 4....get your woman on the FLOR


no, i'm not trying one of those self-help, pump-yourself up type of mantras. i really did win something!

a few weeks ago i entered a giveaway on a fellow blogger's site, bower power. katie bower does a ton of hands-on home projects which i have to admire as i know a little myself about putting the sweat in sweat-equity. and no lie....she too is due with her first babe, on april 1 [ie: the day before me].

this particular giveaway
was for a new FLOR rug, mailed to your doorstep, your pick of the color/pattern and the size was 5x7. um, ok! worth a try! FLOR rugs are super thin modular carpet tiles that you piece together yourself, so the pattern + placement is up to YOU. kinda fun, eh? they're great for kiddos as stains can be hidden quite easily by just rearranging your rug to either remove the squares in question or place them where they'll be hidden beneath a piece of furniture. or, pop that sucker out and replace it with a new tile, ordered from FLOR.

anywho i threw my hat in the ring and who woulda thunk it?! i won! the best part is, i found out i won while strapped to fetal heartrate + contraction monitors and an IV pole in the hospital following a not-so-fun winter car accident. thanks to the hub for bringing the laptop that day!

at first i was convinced i'd go with one of these two super fun FLOR options. i had the sunroom in mind already as i wanted to add some visual interest to that room and 5x7 just seemed too small or large for other places in our abode, like the dining room or back entry areas.

number 1. faux bois: love the woodgrain, and how its a softer yet still noticeable pattern overall

while i've never considered myself a huge martha stewart person, as i lean more toward the clean modern look, i do love this classic design of hers.

number 2. stampede: this second pattern was just too funky and fun and i thought it'd be a neat playful take on the black + white going on already on our main floor. i've also always loved the idea of having a cowhide in our place and this is a quirky, green take on that.

however once i started really strolling through the FLOR website, i found there were all kinds of goodies that i hadn't noticed before.

in the end my heart was most pulled by the next two rugs.

number 3. be my neighbor: talk about injecting funk + color into a space! i liked the idea that this would be a room our new babe-to-be would play in often and that its eye candy for both of us.

number 4. ding! ding! ding! fedora 2: consisting of charcoal, chartreuse + oatmeal tiles, this was a case of love at first click.

the totally drool-worthy photo didn't give me much chance to resist between the exposed brick wall, white + chrome chairs, and the way everything in this room was styled to coordinate perfectly. but that aside, i just love this color combo:

i mean, if i was starting a new country these would be the colors on my flag. and my team uniforms. the citron zest of the chartreuse, the calm clean of the oatmeal, with its soft grey veining, and the deep charcoal are right on the money. so order it up we did, and a week or so later....voila!

kinda fan-freakin'-tastic, if you ask me. as you can see from some of the gaps along the tiles, we don't have the rug actually secured together yet with the adhesive tape provided. we're just enjoying the great new pattern, making sure we want everything placed where it is, and also debating if we want to purchase one more strip of tiles to flesh out the size a little more. thankfully at $8/tile, this shouldn't break the bank if we do go that route.

we're loving the soft rug-on-rug action as admittedly these rugs are a bit thin by themselves. oh and as for those throw pillows add some more pop to the pic? the grey tweed pair are target clearance gems i've had a few years now, with a great subtle chevron pattern to them, and the two chartreuse friends are simply relocated from our living room.

the new punch of color makes me want to grab a book this minute + plop down in a rocker for a read!

now you might also be wondering about the gentle giant in the corner. kinda looks like rice-paper magnet on a fishing pole, i bet you're thinking.

well for $40 i thought it was too cheap and too mod to pass up, especially in light of [HA!] the pricing for most arc floor lamps that i covet. and for $40 we can deal if our kid starts swinging on it and it dies an early death in a couple years. and so it was that we brought another little dose of the svedes into our home, in the form of the regolit floor lamp.

its almost a little cloud-like up there, isn't it? light + airy, and just the right touch to make our sunroom usable at night, and to help fill in the empty space so the room starts to feel more finished.

and i can't emphasize enough that its but a mere FRACTION of the price of other such lamps i've ogled. to give you an idea, here's a few i just found online. there's this pup for $2,990....

or this specimen, which retails for a cool $510....
[both inmod]

or even this chiasso piece, for $248....

so all in all our sunroom is looking a lot purtier these days and with more accessories/decor pieces, a coffee table [yes i'm still thinking about this one from cb2], and perhaps some sneaky toy storage we'll be about there!

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