Tuesday, February 23, 2010

office space

so i mentioned earlier that we had not one but two green rooms in our humble home. i figure i've kept you waiting long enough [heck, its february!] so here she is....the office.

its the room that sits behind the angled double doors across from our stairway, adjacent to our living room and the foyer.

i know i can't expect my dear husband to keep his work space pristine 24/7 but i do love the glimpse of glamorous green that is visible through those doors on our main floor. so hopefully i can keep them open at least some of the time....

the basic layout of kevin's office is the trestle desk [a target online purch] in the center of the room, allowing him to face out toward the french doors + to see out the window on his left.

so based on the way we positioned things, kevin has a great vantage point of the front walkway + porch for when guests are due to arrive or packages are being delivered.... he also gets to see just a smidge of the lake view which is an added bonus.

looking out the left side of the window he can see out to the road winding up around our little hill.

and to his right its down to bizzzness.

looking this direction, he sees the cube bookshelves we're using as an organizational system for all of his work materials....as well as just a +few+ of my decor items. [you really think i could set up a whole bookshelf system and NOT have some fun of my own with it?]

both the magazine files and the you-snap-it-together-yourself storage boxes have been used by many an ikea fan. because they're totally great and cost next to nothing [compared to comparably sized storage containers]. just be ready to have a confetti party from punching out all the dots yourself, where the metal connectors go through!

there is also a handy-dandy spot to label whats in each bin to take the mystery out of things and create a functional organizing system.

the magazine holders have the same label spot but i preferred the look of the grommets showing so we chose to flip 'em and this way he can also eye-spy at a glance which work materials are where.

the nice thing is that at any time we could flip around all or just some of the mag files for a different look, and use the more closed-off, concealed side instead. [should the overall look start to feel too busy or cluttered, or if i just get bored with the current placement of things!]

as for some of the other deets on those great modular shelves.

+ these are grasses i'd bought at pier one a couple years ago, that i trimmed down to retro-fit the cube size. i love how the cool green contrasts with the more olive-undertoned wall color.

+ this is a hand-made pottery set i bought on a double-discount at the bookstore on campus where i work full-time. i love the fact that its an original set that was made by an art student.

+ and, i feel like its a fun play on the more stereotypical office bar set of a decanter with cut crystal glasses for scotch or whatever the highrollers hobnob with.

+ this charming grouping consists of some photo albums that we've had since we got married, which i felt lent a 'library' air to the place with their black + gold bindings.

+ the alabaster horn is one of two i snagged on clearance for $4 from pottery barn.

+ this shaggy lad also succumbed to a haircut when it came to accessorizing these shelves. he was standing just a leeeetle too tall but a little trim fixed him up. i love the variation in the grass blades + the subtle hints of grey in the vertical woodgrain holder as well....this was a target clearance find from the glorious global bazaar days [have those come to an end?! i hope its not so!]

+ and here's the mate for the horn mentioned above....he's a lone soldier in this particular cube, which i think is necessary to create balance and interest.

throughout the shelves i wanted to have varying heights and textures, and some unique objects, to make things interesting visually and yet the color palette is quite simple....greens, browns, blacks, whites, and bits of metallic. above all it is key to avoid the dreaded 'busy' look which can happen when you get carried away and just start stuffing things everywhere in a panic to fill up the spaces.

ok, can i PLEASE talk about the wall behind kevin's desk now?!? i've really been trying to hold back but i can't any longer. I LUB DIS WALL!

i had been subscribing to a thin 'zine called ny spaces a year ago [it was something like $5/year due to a hubby subscription to consumer reports] and each month when it came i fell smitten with the bold, funky images on the cover.

during an ikea trip i saw a grouping they did of W magazine covers and i instantly knew this was THE LOOK i had to do in either our office or guest bedroom against the green wall for a little culture + color POP. it was just a matter of selecting the right combination and placement of covers, and figuring the best way to group them [originally i liked the idea of going 3x3 but with the vertical alignment of the frames this would have gotten quite tall on the wall]

my favorite is the hot pink tones against the dune grass green paint. just a titch unexpected and so refreshing on the eyes.

i also love the raw edges of the frames....visibly brushed aluminum, where the metal really catches the light....as well as the metro feel the collection gives to kevin's office.

here you can see them ready to be hung with the frames just gleaming and preening. they know they're hot.

last up, just a couple side details. hidden on the open shelves of kevin's desk are 4 of these guys, 2 on each side. they're clearance bins i picked up at meijer quite a while back and i think the punched black metal works beautifully with the desk + overall scheme. not to mention how perfect they are for storing the stapler, notecards, hole punch, et cetera.

because seriously, while open concept desks look great in pictures and when you first set them up, they do present a bit of a challenge when you actually plan on getting anything accomplished in your office without it looking all disaster-y.

and lastly. just a few carefully chosen items top kevin's desk, like the gold armillary globe on the right corner, this fun cut-glass lamp [a marshalls find] with chrome base + trim black shade, and a little black pot with kevin's business cards [flipped backwards for the photo].

oh. and kelly green chevron on a mini sticky notepad??

thank you target! at $2, down from a ghastly $7, this little buddy was meant to come home to our office.

he sits next to the fallen comrades from my grass-clipping escapades. i'm so dutch, i couldn't part with them knowing they could somehow be part of the decor as well....and i think they look pretty in that squat square vase!

still on my mind for this room is adding some storage along the west wall where there is a bump-out for the window. [during the building process we debated adding a window seat with storage beneath, but placement of the floor vent nixed that thought] the truly perceptive may have noticed in a photo above that there are still boxes of files + other items sitting along that wall that are waiting for a home. well, plenty of time to get that figured out....we've come a long way already!

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