Thursday, August 5, 2010


back in january, at the start of our vacation, we stayed one night at a park + fly hotel in detroit.  we chose it for its cheapness however were sweetly surprised by its interior.  especially considering it fit the bill so nicely, budget-wise.

let me share....

the foyer had a screen made of metal ball chains. and a super slick fireplace.

and great furniture. and striking colors, with a backdrop of stark white.

the hallway by the elevators had a trio of lingerie sheer drum pendants that virtually glowed. and cast beautiful shadows on the ceiling.

the bar sparkled beneath track lights + tray ceilings.

heck, even the carpeting was eye candy.

i contemplated cutting out a square of it to take with me, but somehow i knew that crossed the line of what could be considered complimentary....

it seemed that everywhere i turned there was an interesting texture to behold.

clearly the room numbers did not disappoint, nor did the room itself.  it was a refreshing twist on the usual dose of stuffy faded fabrics, flimsy worn furniture and outdated lamps.

i took special pleasure in noting that the bathroom faucet was not only off-center, which is a great way to customize the look of a vanity without adding much cost, but also happened to be from the same kohler line as our tub filler.

[BIG SIGH].  just looking through these photos again makes me yearn to escape to somewhere....even just for a night.  say for a stay here, here or here!



  1. We have stayed there too - it was amazing! I remember it well b/c I thought it was such a great place stay and we just chilled in our room...until my daughter vomited all over our bed and then when I set her in the shower to wash her (no tub) she fell and hit her head on the tile:) I think I need to stay there again to erase the bad memory and create a new one:) Very cool place!

  2. wow jill..that would change your perspective on things a bit! we have yet to do a hotel stay with our little man, but it sounds like lots of adventures are in store!