Monday, August 30, 2010

clear as day

a photo a day....keeps the a.d.d. decorator at bay?

so maybe i'm not switching out mantle-top photos every day of the week, but i like having the setup for it.   i decided on a whim to print some extra [read: non-baby] photos last week while ordering up a good 80 prints or so of the little man. and yes i got the prints for free and yes i am dutch. since its nearly impossible for me to keep things in the same place for long, decor-wise, i thought it'd be convenient to have a frame available that would go with anything + would display atmospheric photos well, to correspond with whatever else is happening in the room at the time.

right now, this 5x7 acrylic frame sits on our fireplace mantle but it could just as easily migrate to another alcove of our abode.  but i'm enjoying the mantle location since the mood in our living room has mucho possibility for change....being that most elements of the room are a neutral foil for a variety of accessories.

i currently have mainly citrusy yellow + green tones flavoring our surroundings.  so first i went for a pop of sky blue....literally....with a photo i snapped this spring. for some crisp + clouded contrast.

after a week or so i decided to go with the shot shown above, that coincided with the existing accent colors.  this pup is a print that hails from a winter trip to domican republic. just what the d.r. ordered, eh?  ehhh?  [har..har....har] i was smitten with this street-side stand spilling over with golden greens + yellows.

future candidates for office include....

strawberry kisses [for a touch of warmth + texture]


wheels [are for whimsy]

cheerful chairs [that tell a story]

....and many more.  the options are endless, really!  and if there's a certain color or pattern i'd like injected into the space i can always seek it out, snap it + print it.  i like the personal story behind each photo as well, that briefly transports me back to the day + place i photographed that particular moment.

clearly, this frame looks to be $12 well spent [finally that 20% off coupon came in handy!].

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