Thursday, August 5, 2010

text appeal

so briefly back to the laundry room.  [ punny]

you may have noticed another little snippet of text in the room, aside from big red that is. if you're curious as to why it looks was my test board for the living room artwork. i did a trial run before spraying the actual canvas so that i could be sure i liked the layout + application of the paint.  when a friend came over a while back and saw it laying in my painting zone she suggested displaying it too....and you know i love a free piece of pretty, so i had to agree that i should give it a go.  so for now its going all fat joe and leaning back on the counter, same as the poster, to keep the laundry room atmosphere casual.

sure its a little rough around the edges....and inside the edges too....but i like the raw construction look of it.

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