Monday, July 12, 2010

keep clean + carry on

so you already knew i crushed on the crisp, punchy look of a certain war evidenced in this post of the past.

well i'd actually envisioned it in our laundry room, to start with.  i liked the idea of being able to run in there on a harried day, slam the door shut, take a deep breath [and perhaps a slug, or five, of wine] and let the poster do the talking.  in fact i'd sourced it out in a laundry list of different colors on etsy.  i was leaning toward something in the cool tones....perhaps navy, or lime, or a splash of watery aqua.  something to compliment the cool clean color palette of white + grey.

well.  kinda forgot about hunting it down after moving into the house.  that is, until i stumbled upon this version at tj maxx a few months ago.  ahoy matey!  i don't think i could have come much closer to having the proverbial pop of red.

the price was the same as most etsy poster versions buuut the fun factor here is that its already mounted on a wooden backboard so no frame needed.  between the savings there + not paying for shipping [not to mention that hot red hue] it was a pretty swell deal!

and did i talk bout the high gloss finish yet?  because there's a high gloss finish.  which just so happens to reflect the same shiny sheen as the laundry floor.

definitely meant to be together....and i really enjoy how its yet another element in the room of sparkly clean goodness.

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