Saturday, July 17, 2010

how clean is too clean?

sometimes i'll catch myself looking at a room + looks a little TOO clean.  and when i say clean, i mean neat.  because i'm admittedly a neat-freak, as opposed to a clean-freak.  [one look at my dark walnut floors will confirm this.  dust unabashedly resides there.]  but when it comes to mess....well i don't mess around.

anyway sometimes i'll catch myself living a little too near the neat side of things + too far from the freshly lived in look.

one example was our bathroom, as shown in this pic i recently posted.  i really like a picked-up bath where the statements themselves can shine....pretty fixtures, lovely lighting, the texture of the tile....etc.  but sometimes things look prettier when you dabble in disarray.

a little more interesting, no?

while it might seem funny to some, to force things by purposefully creating clutter, i'm rather enjoying it myself.

how about you?  is everything categorically organized behind closed doors? ....or do you like to leave evidence of 'life' living on the surfaces in your home?


  1. it's cute that you call that "clutter" ;)

  2. I love everything off the counter and neat myself but you have a good point here! Your place is gorge and that tub is just screaming for me to dunk my tootsies in for a pedi!