Saturday, July 3, 2010

one year ago

....we were moving into the new house!  i can hardly believe its been a full year already.  not only were we both working fulltime, finishing the building of the house [stonework + other miscellaneous projects], packing up our apartment + moving into the house BUT we found time to get pregnant on top of it all.  actually i still think it might have been divine conception. all we know is that we're eternally grateful for our little surprise + to be enjoying the new abode!

a look back for memory's sake....

and finally, this time last year, complete + utter elation to be leaving our 750 sf apartment that had been crammed with furniture and boxes of building supplies for 9 months....

as well as working on the frustration known as our front stonework.  did installing the stacked stone on our last house make it easy to do this time?  no.  were the pillars a cinch, as we thought they'd be?  haaeeeeell no.  was it wise to have all the stacked stone crates delivered to the END of our extra long driveway?  um, no.  so our backs broke + we were completely humbled.  no big deal.

but not long after we moved in, finished building the mailbox, polished up the stonework, and got the lawn seed sprayed in we could finally relax and start to enjoy our new home.  and it was all worthwhile.  every last bit of planning, designing and sweating it out physically + mentally.

 happy birthday, +the new house+!

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