Friday, July 16, 2010

as we walk in fields of gold

so after jjjjust finishing this post about our living room, i happen to discover a little treasure in our basement.  nothing like going subterranean to add some spice to your decor.

in this case its a little old painting....that to most people might not have any value.  i promptly subbed in this piece + the 3 metallic votives in place of the ikea patterned tin + tory burch candle that had been occupying the space for a while.

i can remember growing up with this in my parents' house though, and i'd forgotten that i inherited it when they downsized their home.  to my eye, it has a simple charm.  somehow the spattering of simple brushstrokes captures my gaze + transports me....and i rather enjoy the rough wooden 'frame', if you can even call the simple edge pieces that.

sometimes decor really is at its best when its simple, and meaningful.

now if only i could get that sting song out of my head.

see the west wind move like a lover so
upon the fields of barley....

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