Tuesday, July 6, 2010

nursery works: part three, iii

 the last addition to the nursery, besides the wee boy himself, was a frame project i thought up for the reading nook corner after deciding it was a little sparse looking. my challenge to myself was to make a colorful corner collection that was as close to zero dollars as possible. zeeeerrooohhh [OH..oh..oh..oh.. sound echoes through nearby mountaintops]

so here goes....

+ spray paint = $3.68/can, to turn frames i already had into fresh white [which in turn emphasizes the various shapes rather than having a busy looking ensemble of multiple colored frames]. technically we already had the paint for these, from other projects including the shadow boxes that used to be dark wood.

+ diddo on the paint for the solo orange frame. i wanted just one in a different shade for a little dash of unexpected.

+ kia car ad sheeps = FREE. i spied the ad a while back in kevin's espn magazine and tore it out knowing i loved the print for some use or other.

+ vintagey wood plaque = GIFT. my lovely sis thought it would add a little antique flava to the room. and she was right!  love how the owl quietly repeats in the owl bank, the owl silhouette and then the....

+ owl paper = GIFT. my mom picked this up for me from hobby lobby, since she knew i liked a little orange spice.

+ 'celebrate' card = GIFT. my friend's daughter did the drawing and she had cards made out of it, one of which i received with a baby gift.

+ footprints = FREE! [duh] we brought this frame and the orange paper to the hospital with us, so that when baby h was born, we could have the footprints done then + there for a keepsake.

+ large H = approximately $1 on sale.

+ ribbon for the union jack = FREE. this was from the diaper cake at one of my baby showers.

+ woodgrain paper = FREE. this was the inside of a business reply envelope. i just loved that wood looking faux texture.

+ contents of bottom square frame = FREE. i used another business reply envelope interior to edge out a white square of paper with hart's full name typed out on it.  i had typed up both our girl name + boy name a couple weekends before our due date, on a friend's antique typewriter for an authentic old-school look.

+ various sheets of orange paper = approx. $1

+ frames = FREE.  as mentioned, i already owned all of them, for a few years now.

+ embroidery hoops = $1.50 total [you see, i didn't want all square edges but didn't want to spend a ton on fancier frames so my solution....hoop hoop it up!]

so overall, a success! wouldn't you say?


  1. Your so Dutch it's not even funny. Brilliant and beautiful Lizzard!