Monday, July 26, 2010

the master plan

so you may have noticed a complete + utter lack of posting regarding our master for a mention on this checklist from HALF A YEAR AGO [oy vey! talk about an accountability plan gone awry].

reason being, its a total white box challenge.  the space is sparsely adorned with our canopy bed, a garage sale side table, and a dapper pair of damask curtains from pier one....the product of a coupon we received when we purchased our living room couches.

ok, and one more pier one item, that dark horse in the corner there....a carved wood wall hanging that we've had since our last house, that has yet to earn a permanent spot in the new house.

the good news is that after sleeping on it for over a year....[mmhmm. sleeping on it. you'll get it in a minute]....i've finally hatched a plan that excites me. the bad news is i'm not quite ready to spill the whole scheme yet.  but the post is already in the works!

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