Monday, December 21, 2009

i o u

so for the sake of accountability i'm stating this now, with the plan of accomplishing it over my upcoming Christmas break. because who doesn't love a good checklist, especially the kind where you write down two things at the top that you've already done just so you can start by checking something off.

i am feeling quite delinquent in my posting of certain rooms of the house. there. i said it. DELINQUENT.

it's been on my mind for months now to do a tour of....

+ the upstairs/guest bathroom
[perhaps more adequately named the KID's bath from here on out?! ....yikes]

+ the office

+ the guest room

+ the master suite closet

+ the upstairs hallway
[ok i know you're jumping up and down over this last one, panting, sweating, shrieking with excitement. but really, there are a couple things up there i'd like to chat about]

+ the master bedroom

not all of these rooms are 'finished'. in fact in the case of our bedroom, it is so far from finished that i figure maybe writing about it on the world wide web will provide just the guilt-trip i need to get going on it.... but they at least deserve a mention, honorable or not. especially for those that are under the ever-so-misguided impression that every room of my house is perfectly composed and complete at this point in time. i assure you....not the case.

so then. i leave you with this little morsel. because i can hear you salivating, and its weirding me out.

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