Thursday, December 3, 2009

a word about orange

i read a fun tidbit a few days on a great blog called young house love [some people have actually drawn comparisons between that blogging couple and kevin/myself....and eerily enough, we're both pregnant now + due in the spring]

its an excerpt from feathering the nest by tracey hutson, of extreme home makeover: home edition fame. she talks about the use of color in nurseries in terms of impact on the whether it be through stimulating the senses or evoking a sense of calm and peace. here's the rundown on l'ohrange.


+ cheerful, bold, daring, spontaneous
+ creates a sense of adventure
+ encourages confidence and independence
+ takes creativity and enthusiasm to new levels
+ stimulates the lungs, respiration, and digestion
+ reputed to increase milk production in new mothers and boost the appetite
+ may elevate IQ as much as twelve points

independent? increased IQ? i'll take it! i feel like a better mom already.

on that note, let's look at an oh-so-orange nursery off ohdeedoh that i just came across.

ok so far. loving the mod mobile + mural. loving the orange ikea lamp in the background.

and LOVING the babymod olivia crib + dresser.

[yes, its both creepy and exciting to me how some people's thoughts are so similar to mine!]


great quirky details.

alpha + animal love.

all in all, a fabulous tot's room. so many aspects after my own heart. and the crib really pops off the orange wall! this child is sure to end up a genius. or an artist. or both!

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