Sunday, November 22, 2009

dishing decor: the dining room

so since my energy picked back up and our busy fall schedule slowed down, i've actually been able to get some things accomplished around the house. let's start with the dining room. even with the ikea torsby table we'd added early on....she was looking quite sparse.

so the first edition? these puppies.
the zebrano chair from world market....i'd include a link, but alas, they've already been discontinued. unfortunate too, because they added such a fresh modern feel to world market's usual scheme of dark + exotic decor pieces.

they're surprisingly comfortable considering their lithe frame and you know i'm loving those chrome legs. but it was really the zebrawood grain that first caught me eye....eerily reminiscent of a chair cb2 had sold in the last year or two, right down to the extremely reasonable price. they add a lovely crisp contrast to the cloudy white glass table. i also wondered about the scale, but the legs have a good wide stance and they fill up the table juuuust fine.

if you were starting to crave a little feminine feel in the room, check out these curvacious cotton curtains:

when you take a step away the hourglass shaping really pops. a nice organic juxtaposition to the hard square lines of the window grids and coffered ceiling.

as for color....i know, i know. thus far, the room definitely airs more on the sophisticated side of greys + whites and doesn't dabble too deeply in the color realm.

save for some fun new accessories. a little mix of spunky patterned tins and a burst of red via the quaint little journal propped up there. [the latter came courtesy of my mom as a birthday gift, upon her finding out my love of this classic war poster]

and just outside the formal dining room is this newly created nook. as you move from the foyer, between the dining + staircase, toward the kitchen there's a place to rest your tootsies or set your purse, should you need it.
a couple grey tweed target pillows from a couple years ago....which admittedly could have used a little more pre-photo floofing....two houndstooth cubes found randomly at tj maxx, and a partridge in, an $8 poster in a frame and voila! new focal point!

i especially love the playful homage to binary code. because i'm sooo computer savvy and all.
still to come for the dining room? some sort of rug....either an accent color or something with subtle pattern that coordinates with the existing elements. and possibly a couple taller items, to sit on the floor, that bookend the console table and flesh out that wall a bit. a pair of pooches like this would do just the trick.


  1. I love your table set.

  2. What is your wall color? It's perfect!

  3. thanks! it is benjamin moore, and the color is 'grey'. easy to remember ;-)