Tuesday, November 10, 2009

don't be koi with me.

so i happened to stumble upon this bedding last night.


love how the 'water' translates as simple striping....

and the mod style of the pebble bed of the pond....just look how thrilled this adorable baby is to be sleeping with the fishies! [in a non-Sopranos kind of way]

so i discovered the crib set while on a last-ditch witch hunt for gender-neutral, modern bedding with orange in it that wouldn't require taking a second job + that did not scream Sesame Street or cutesy-cute.

not easy.

i'd first been pining for this bit of cotton coziness [bold, simple striping....grey, non-kiddie birds....slight homage to Canada-land] but let's be honest....$320? for an infant's bed? wait, for just the bedding?

um, no. not this gal!
i even debated re-creating it with the help of my wonderful mom, who has a hand for sewing. [she wasn't going to touch the appliques with a ten-foot pole, but i figured i could handle that part]

then, last night. the image of koi fish leaping before my eyes and a price tag in the reasonable realm. awe. excitement. the urge to punch in cc numbers and start camping on the front porch until it arrived.

flickr: pete4ducks

i haven't yet pulled the trigger [even i am aware of my oft-overly-enthusiastic nature by now], but i can at least dream about the possibilities for now.

i can also enjoy perusing this GREAT new website where i first found my fabric feast: inmod.com

not only do they sell the light fixture i MUST [must] MUST OWN for some room or home in the future....mr. sputnik himself....but, they sell other amazing things too.

like custom-made pillows. by you. i could scream! [click here if you want to start screaming too.]

if koi aren't your thing, how about kanye?
pining for a pattern that no one else has?
ready to reveal that you're a fist of fury fan?

check it out and i promise you'll thank me later.

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