Monday, November 9, 2009

crib your enthusiasm.

um, since when did walmart start offering stuff like this?

a pseudo platform-bed crib with peggy legs and ZERO curvy, ornate lines?
yes please!

if you're not convinced yet, check out the rest of the walmart 'baby mod' olivia line:

+ clean, fresh, white surfaces

+ adorable peep-holes for opening doors + drawers
(note: off center holes on the drawers - even better!)

+ perfectly simple compliments to a modern, fresh-faced nursery

if you're curious about my own nursery plan....well yes, there is somewhat of a plan. nothing is set in stone yet, aside from a few accessories, but there is at least a room in my head that will hopefully become reality prior to april 2.

i'll give just a couple hints before revealing my nursery vision in a future post:

flickr: blempgorfjenn ski alphabet zoo

i hope to grow the room organically as i find various elements and work them into my mental plan. should be fun! long as i can keep kevin excited about my choices....

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