Thursday, November 5, 2009

circle of trust


i just fell HARD for this baby........and she let me down.

we've been working on slowly but surely getting our sunroom situated, since its been a blank canvas of paint + burbur since moving in. the scheme i finally settled on is four chairs arranged in a circle, facing in toward a round....or possibly oval....low lying coffee table.

it was important to me to break up the main floor with a new furniture arrangement [read: not have our house look like a sofa store showroom]. and we'd already found Ingredient One for the mix:
these delightfully simple rattan rockers from ikea. each does have a padded cushion in white so they're not quite as hardcore as you might think.

so right now the room is primed & ready with four of these rocking chairs in a face-off. just begging to have a table-mate as a foot + drink + decor prop.

enter: cb2 circle of love.

ugggghhhh. LOVE!


i can't tell you if it was the sexy chrome base or the sleek carrera-esque top that got me first. maybe a combination? the idea of juxtaposing the crisp, classic marble + modern chrome with the more natural vibe of the rattan woven chairs was almost too much to think about. actually, it was so fun to think about, i've obsessed about it for two weeks now. to today, when i get my husband to join the team and come alongside my design dream. we read the reviews [rave, i might add]. we ogle the pictures. we look at shipping and debate a quickie trip to chicago.

then, we measure. this pup is 33.5" in diameter and....well....too small. especially for the price. UGH.

back to square one. on the light and airy front, i still love the thought of something acrylic....
i'm pretty convinced our house will not be complete without at least one acrylic piece. but, i also REALLY would like to maintain my circle set-up. so....we'll see. the hunt continues!

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