Wednesday, November 18, 2009

a clockwork orange

so you might have started to guess a main color that will be popping up in the nursery.


while to some people this might be a color associated with fast food or icky 70's shag carpet, to me it is fun, fresh and modern.

so, regarding the nursery plan. here's the concept.

+ no THEME [not a fan of pre-packaged sets featuring winnie the pooh or any disney folk]

+ not too blatantly boy or girl

+ a vintage/mod feel

+ crisp white, saucy orange, and some neutral background colors

+ an eclectic mix of items [thus avoiding the 'i bought everything in one trip to the mall' kind of look]

here is a look: click here. i couldn't post the picture version [sad! clearly i am a moodboard rook], but the link should show you just what i've dreamed up.

and here are highlights, with explanation.

+ old toys with a new spin. wooden toys, knit toys, toys that have been around a long time. done in a new way.

+ orange in patterns, like bold stripes

+ simple striking shapes will add to the fun, mod feel.

+ cheap things are welcome. example: paper lanterns.

+ dim lighting options make for a happy mom in the middle of the night

+ orange will not be the end-all, be-all. other bits of color will be key for contrast + interest.

+ quirky is encouraged. safe, predictable is not. [how can you not love this guy?!]

+ the practical will not be forgotten. good old fashioned storage is key.

[ a way that my eyes can stand to look at day after day. i'm thinking of this locker unit as an early introduction to at least a dozen years in school baby H has ahead of him or her]
+ a scattering of letters throughout the room will keep things playful and childlike

this was my original inspiration. total blogger kindred spirit moment.

if i dissect this room, here are the key components my eye spies:

+ random elements, from various stores, travels, online sites, and those created by hand

+ a color scheme that doesn't punch you in the face but definitely correlates as your eye wanders from wall to wall

+ a light 'n airy CALM feel, despite the bold color choice of orange throughout [and bits of red + yellow too]. this seems important in a room built for a teeny tiny new babe

+ a decidedly home-like feel. this is not a store catalog spread or design mag photo shoot. nor should your nursery look that way!

other inspirational nursery rooms i have seen since, include [but are not limited to!] the following:

via manofbluedesign

both via ratemyspace: ecomodernmama

via ratemyspace: nicobus


if you're wondering, 'where's her window treatment in all of this?''re not alone. i'm wondering that too. i'm thinking of a layered effect of both solid orange + sheer patterned panels, or, a single curtain set-up that incorporates a quality [read: light-blocking] lining, a great pattern, and another [non-overwhelming] dose of orange.

a la:

one target exclusive +

something light and whimsical


something light and graphic

....and if you clicked the cb2 link, the answer is yes. i am just that crazy that i would try to rig up a shower curtain as a window treatment, should the price + print be right.

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