Monday, April 4, 2011

splash happy

we all need a clean slate once in a while, right?  and spring is a fitting time to be cleaning said slate.  in other words, its time for a fresh start + some new posts about the happy happenings of the new house lately.

after a little time away, spent with family + friends, dishes + laundry, cheerios + chocolate cake, i'm back to say hello and to take a stab at some decor + party planning posts.  thank you all for your patience.  in my head i would love to be a daily blogger + spill all the beans that rattle around up there, but in my heart i know i need to concentrate first on being [attempting to be?] a good mom + wife.  so i'll get as much out there as i can but i'll beg for your forgiveness when i'm frolicking on frog-hunts with my son instead.

and besides, who wants to think about tapping on a laptop when there are a million little splashes of bathwater to capture in your hair + lens?

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