Friday, February 18, 2011

too cool for stool

remember the asian influence we were treating our as....behinds to previously? more.  thank you craig for your lists + your random strangers + their open pocketbooks!  yep, we've sold that world market-made trio and instead invited a family of four to join us on the island.  

except we're feeling anything but LOST when it comes to our new stools.  we're loving their leggier nature and the industrial 'chem lab chic' look.

i spotted them on overstock a while back and when the christmas dust settled in our household, it was time to do the swaperoo.  it doesn't hurt that they're a close cousin [read: knockoff] of these mid-century studio stools, which go for $245 each.  two-forty-fiiiive.  loves me a good deal, after all.

i'm enjoying the fact that when you walk into our kitchen part of you wonders where the formaldehyde and bunsen burners are hiding since your inner bio chem nerd is raring to run out + play.

it does add yet another gray element to our household [indeed, i'm suffering from a bit of an obsesh] but all the prettier playground for the pops of colored accessories to well....pop....against.  

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  1. I am so glad you picked out just what you wanted. I saw a few in HomeGoods, but you know how that goes...they only have half a one. lol

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting