Saturday, February 5, 2011

there goes my graydar

yup.  again.

i encountered two containers of these l'il grey pups today at meijer for a buck apiece [clearance, yo!] and was just intrigued enough to purchase.  i mean srrrriously, decor for less than a mcdrink from mcdonalds?  i'm lovin' it.

i know.  they're grey, and they're moss.  well....'moss', would be more accurate.  and when you combine grey + moss you get gross, in celebrity-couple speak, which is humorous, but not a desirable descriptor for decor.

so what are your thoughts?  because i'm well aware there is good moss, and bad moss.  as in, kate moss.  and kate moss.

they're kind of like fuzzy rocks i've decided. fuzzy ladies-underwear-colored rocks, according to the hubs. but as i am wont to do, i've become attached already and am quite enjoying them.  especially in our primarily yellow-grey-splashoforange living room scheme happening at the moment.

so i think they'll stay, which comes as no surprise to my hubbers, who has grown accustomed to a life of decor railroading.  llllllove you!

+ + +

oh....and bonus points to those who noticed that this is our coffee table insert, as seen here.  we're in the process of refinishing our table since it has been well-loved in the last five years.  don't those homeless moss look quite forlorn on the window seat?

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