Wednesday, January 26, 2011

skirting the issue

i got an early start on spring cleaning this year.

i got out a box.

i filled it with clothes.

i placed it by the back door.

i wrote out a list for goodwill.

and i patted myself on the back.

and i walked by that box.  which i filled too big, so i can't lift it by myself to get it into the car.  i walked by it again.  and again.  and again, the day after that.

and a few things may have snuck back out.

so either i'm really resourceful or someone needs to re-explain to me what spring cleaning means.

but i'm thinking these could be really fun throw pillows.  like, cut 'em up, sew 'em back together [who?  not sure.  i am still mostly clueless about sewing] around a pillow form and call it a day.

as for where....let's see.  i picture this guy in the living room.

maybe him too.  because layered patterns are the coolest.

and this gal seems like she'd be an awfully fun playmate in the guest room.  beading + pom poms, oh my!  the navy-white duo would be a nice crisp pop against all the solid + patterned green in there.

my gray-dar is most certainly going off with this one!  see how the 'stitching' is a lovely light gray?  i know.  how did i dare to donate it.  oh yeah.  so someone else could enjoy it.  and because its too small.  right.

ideally, the pom poms would be salvageable for trim on the pillow. because pom poms are my fave.

so....thoughts?  have you ever kept an item of clothing so that you could re-use a piece of it?  or am i as crazy as i feel sometimes?

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