Friday, January 28, 2011

out of order

puff daddy would be a good name for the little tyke after the eating of tiny star shaped puffs saved our colorado trip, one day at a time.  whoever invented tiny dissolvable snacks for tots, i thank you.  over and over again.  who would have thought such a thing could distract a baby for two hours on a plane?  ok maybe most parents knew this, but i'm clearly still a noob.

with that said, here are a few more pics from our trip.  all in all, mr. H did so very well and we're thrilled to have made the memories + snapped the shots that will last for years to come.  [commence weeping worthy of bachelor woman. what's that? which one? does it matter?]

some of us are content to look + not taste.  others, not.

possibly my favorite....that tiny squeak of a cleft....the glistening nose....THE LASHES.  oh yes and the EARS, DID I MENTION THE EARS?

from his perch 8000+ feet above sea level.  clearly this kid owns the world.  ok maybe not the world, but a woman.  ME.

and lastly, peering down over the crunch + sparkle of snow-bedecked chicago on our last night of vacation.  you might think i'm swooning for the petite paw or the perfectly curled lash thats screaming for a maybelline contract, but its the monster that kills me.  gaaaRRRRRRRRRR!!!  here i come!  slobberslobberslobber!  


this one's a framer.

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  1. You are so good, Liz!! Love all the pics, especially the last one - WOW!