Thursday, September 16, 2010

canvassing the neighborhood

so hide your kiiids, hide your wife, and hideyourhusbandtoo.  if you don't want to hear about another el cheapo ikea decor item, that is.

i've had this particular project in mind for a while, and i'll be the first to admit its not the most creative thought out there as its straight out of the ikea showroom.  but hey, toss me some creds for picking the fabric + placement?  i'm speaking about the fabric-stretched-over-simple-wooden-frames iconic ikea look that is fairly easy breezy and definitely cheapy cheapy.

while i'd had a different idea in mind for filling in the upstairs hallway, as soon as we made these canvases i knew they needed to go straight to the second floor.  they did not pass go.  they did not collect $200.  and they didn't cost nearly $200 either.  

in fact, here's a breakdown:

+ two wooden frames....$5 each

+ one yard of fabric....$6/yard

= $8/canvas or $16/set

not too shabby!  and the labor?  um, free.  thanks hubs!  the canvases actually come with tacks so its a pretty straightforward project.  some ironing, tic-tack-toeing and you're totally there.  and i've got some lovely fabric scraps to play with later, too.

i especially love the sky-liney effect [hey, what isn't a word these days.  i mean, srrrriously] of this particular section of the fabric we chose.

at least, to my eye, its all lofty downtown living an abstract artsy way.  mmmm.  love. 

and i think the slate grey + alabaster white should be long-lasting decor colors to work with.  hot pink or yellow or kelly green would be perfect pops off this palette. 

oh + as for where we hung them?  i like to position wall decor under a lighting source if it works out....usually under an existing can light [to save on additional wiring costs of a new fixture].  so we did just that and now they're the highlight of the hall!

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