Thursday, September 23, 2010


fall is here! 

....although the weather seems to be acting in direction opposition to that fact.  we're sweating in our living room at the moment, at 9:00 at night in late september. the windows are flung wide + the screens are saving us from a flying fleet of assailants drawn toward our lovely lit living room.

well hey.  we can at least pretend its chilly + cidery outside, right?

i swear i did not place that solitary autumnal emblem there....that burnished brown oak leaf just happened to be in the perfect place for the picture.

look mom!  a PUNKIN!!!!

boy, is it ever tiring staring at beautiful new fall decorations.

now at least i can admit that this post totally turned into a shameless excuse to post baby pictures.  but really, can you blame me?  those cheeks just beg to be documented as regularly as an old man on bran.

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  1. He is getting so big - and so gorgeous! I use any excuse to post a pic too - its ok:)