Monday, September 6, 2010

out with the old, in with the orange

so i've got a bit of a switchup going on in the kitchen at present.  i'd been enjoying an uncharacteristic combo of red + lime while i cooked this summer, but i've replaced the red for a season with its warm + equally autumnal neighbor, orange.

you're looking at some new tumblers that are adding a punch of marmalade moxy to our counters + cupboards....deliciously fresh + fun, aren't they?  one thing i love about these cb2 glasses that each is hand-blown so there are lovely uniquenesses to each one.

they were co-stars at a baby shower i had the pleasure of attending this summer + the friend throwing it was kind enough to sell them to me afterward for a great discounted price.  here's one quietly trying to steal the if that was possible with the gorgeous mama-to-be being honored that day:

so tumble me twelve new glasses + suddenly my kitchen is really poppin' with modern flair.

and i couldn't let them be the odd orange out, now could i?  so i had to pick up this saucy sesame seed oil from tj maxx to round things out.

now let's take a step back + see how things are


i realize that critics would say i'm still a nancy when it comes to the color wheel....but for my own residence i prefer the stark nature of neutrals popped with a couple key hues.  and i find it makes the food being prepared really sparkle....rather than get lost in a melange of decor colors + patterns.  heck, i can pretend i'm top chefing it.  with 1/1000th the skill set.




and to be fair, let's acknowledge that the floor counts too.  i know the ceiling commonly gets touted as the fifth wall of a room, but what about where you walk?  i think our hardwoods should count for the color + warmth they provide underfoot.

what do you think?  does a carefully edited color palette do it for you or are you of the fiestaware familia?

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