Saturday, September 11, 2010

rhi rhi mix

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so on this rainy football day i thought i'd do a post with a recent remix in the nursery.  pretty subtle switchup, but it just goes to show how little tweaks in your home's interior landscape can be fun + make you happy.  and that's what its all about, right?

now that we decidedly have a boy [remember, i planned this nursery with the possibility that a little queen bee could occupy it!], i wanted to rid the room of yellow for now and go full bore blue + orange with the shadow box trinkets.


+ after:

i told you.  subtle.  but i'm really enjoying this new set-up so much more from my rocking chair across the room.  there are still varying heights for visual interest and a main palette of blue, orange and some brown to ground things.  isn't it funny how even the paint in this pic appears more ice blue/gray than the picture above?  no i didn't repaint....again....[within a year of building i begged my husband to repaint the nursery for our new babe, from tan to gray].  i think its just the orange lamp that casts a warmer glow in the before photo.


i stole the big ben clock from my laundry room, for another old, antique-y looking item in the room. love the chipping paint + aged aqua patina of it.  a garage sale find from six years ago!

and the orange party pouf is from my baby shower back in february....beautiful memories encapsulated in a pretty paper pouf.

and have i mentioned this tongue-in-cheek combo before?  a little GQ reference for my mini manly man.

if you haven't done much in the way of decor remixing in your home, i highly recommend it.  its william wallace-approved free [FREEDOMMM!] + its good for the soul....especially in snowy winter months when you're stuck inside all the time.  and i'm addicted to it, if you couldn't tell!

just call me timba-liz.

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