Saturday, September 4, 2010

frederik meijer gaffe trip to fmg the other day.  not to be confused with the bfg.

no, its the fmg i speak of and i was quite excited to get my photog on and gather some inspirational shots.  if you haven't visited the gardens before, especially during the current chihuly exhibit, i am here to tell you it  is basically art porn.  between the incredible flowers, towering tropical plants, and sculptures of all sorts....well its a feast for the eyes + mind.

i happened to choose a balmy 92 degree day to go traipsing through the gardens with a friend + her lovely daughter, and of course my main man H.  it was a perfect day, heat exhaustion aside, and i was snapping away to my heart's content.

well, all did not end well.  once home i discovered two things.  in the busyness of baby-handling i'd not noticed that our camera [a panasonic fz35] was still set on manual focus, when i'd been assuming i was still working on auto focus.  dohhh.  result: many MANY blurry photos.  secondly, there were water spots in a couple places where the lens needed cleaning.  more awesomeness.

here's some of what i salvaged. a recap in photos: the good, the bad + the blurred.

still a beautiful trip in all respects, just with a bit of bitter not capturing even one clear image of these fabulous violet fronds [despite taking no less than 20 photos of them].  they'll just have to serve as a dreamy reminder of a summer day well spent.

oh + in case you wondered....i'm sure some of these will be rotating into the mantle frame for future enjoyment!

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